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October 22nd 2015



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About Pokaboo
Pokaboo is a simply haunting puzzle game in which you join blobs of the same color together. As the ghost, you will work in increasingly challenging layouts to combine matching colors into abstract shapes from all around the board. As you merge colors together successfully, that particular color will disappear, bringing you closer to level completion. While it starts simple, Pokaboo becomes more complex as the game introduces more colors and more complicated schemes to solve. Tapping into both intuition and logic skills, you will need to complete 100 levels in all.

A Colorfully Minimalistic and Meditative Experience
Pokaboo is designed to transport players into an adorably eerie world as they work to merge colors together into abstract shapes. Cultivating a relaxing experience, players will feel transported into Pokaboo’s hauntingly simplistic world as they strive to complete increasingly challenging levels. Accompanied by ghostly and chilling tunes to make players feel even more engaged in Pokaboo’s adorably eerie world, Pokaboo’s challenging gameplay will haunt players’ imaginations.


  • Unique and intuitive color-matching game
  • 100 handcrafted levels across 5 beautiful worlds, more to come
  • Extensive replay value with the stars goal
  • Pick up and play, pause at will, one handed portrait game
  • Eerie and original soundtrack


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About GlobZ

Founded in 2000, GlobZ is an award winning indie games studio designed with the intention and mission to create a variety of original games that resonate with people all over the world through the universal language of game-based fun.
While developing over 200 (mini)games that have lived on different platforms including iOS, Android, and web, the GlobZ team Alex, Fab, Laurent, and Jeremy have fought tirelessly to ensure that their games live up to everything a game should be—a carefree escape, a moment of fun, and an all encompassing game experience.

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Pokaboo Credits

Laurent Fernandez
Game Design, Game Development, Graphics, Animations.

Whitaker Trebella


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